Rural Space as Cultural Heritage

The informative booklet with the title: Rural Space as Cultural Heritage was created for the 1st Summer School “Rural Space as Cultural Heritage”, that was organized by the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage and took place in Dimitsana (Arcadia, Peloponnese) from 28/7 to 5/8/2018.

It includes definitions for crucial terms such as tangible and intangible cultural heritage and rural space. The role local societies hold in highlighting the value of rural space as cultural heritage, as well as the detailed and far-reaching legal framework, formed by the relative international and European conventions that can be taken into account for the safeguarding and management of cultural heritage are also mentioned.  Lastly, it includes the initiatives taken and projects implemented by the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage targeted to highlighting rural space as cultural heritage. 

We would like to thank Kostas Damianidis, Kalliopi Stara and the photo gallery by KΕΘΕΑ, for their kind concession of photographs.
General supervision of publication: Stavroula- VillyFotopoulou, Director of Modern Cultural Heritage (DMCH)
Stavroula –Villy Fotopoulou, Historian, Director of Modern Cultural Heritage
Yiannis N. Drinis, Folklorist, Head of the Department of Intangible Cultural
Heritage and Intercultural Dialogue, DMCH
Elena Bazini, Archaeologist, DMCH
Maria Fakiola, Social anthropologist, DMCH

Τranslation Editing: Stavroula – Villy Fotopoulou
Argyro Niki Efthymiopoulou
Eva Karanikola
Maria Sereti

In loving memory of our colleague Anna Siabiri


You can download the booklet in pdf form: Rural Space as Cultural Heritage (2018)