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Panagia Mesosporitissa | Feast of the Virgin Mary at the Ancient Ruins of Eleusis

Panagia Mesosporitissa [Παναγία Μεσοσπορίτισσα – Virgin of the mid-sowing season], Eorti tis Panagitsas sta “Archaia” [Εορτή της Παναγίτσας στα «Αρχαία» – Feast of the Little Virgin at the “Ancient Ruins”] On the Eve of the Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary at the Temple, November 20, Evensong is held in the chapel of […]

The custom of Ai-Gioris [Αϊ-Γιώρης – Saint George]

The custom of Ai-Gioris [Αϊ–Γιώρης] takes place on the feast day of Saint George in Nestani in Arcadia. Very early in the morning, the participants, both men and women, called Ai Giorites [Αϊ–Γιωρήτες], climb to the top of the rock of Goulas [Γουλάς], which towers above the village. Most of them are dressed in the […]