The art of weaving and a good safeguarding practice in Asteroussia (Crete) (2018)

With the term weaving we mean the production of fabrics and clothes (raw material securing, initial processing, weave), an art directly linked to social and other parameters. When referring to the Weaving art at Asterousia mountains, we first mean the accumulated knowledge of weaving across time, transmitters of which are the oldest women weavers and the younger ones who are being taught by them.
There are two weaving art workshops: i) in Agnitha in Pyrgos and ii) in Ergalios in Mesochorio. Through the work done there the art is being preserved and passed on to future generations.
This element is found in the Periphery of Crete, in the Department of Iraklion, in the Municipality of Arhanes-Asterousia, in the Municipal unit of Asterousia (Achedrias, Ethia, Mournia, Prinias, Paranimfi, Amigdalos, Mesochorio, Rotasi, Pyrgos, Doraki, Charakas, Pretoria, Plakiotissa, Ligortinos, Tefeli, Charaki).
It was inscribed on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece in 2018.