Category: Elements inscribed on the National Inventory of ICH


Rebetiko is an urban popular music that flourished in the first half of the 20th century. With influences from both folk and Asia Minor songs, it reflects the historical and social context of its time, during which the private life of the margins developed in particular. Over time, it spread to the social strata of […]

Tsakonian dance

For the Tsakonian people, Tsakonian dance is a musical and dance event as well as a particular ritual, a symbol of their collective cultural identity. It has become known throughout Greece, particularly through performances by schools and associations.

The art of drystone walling

The art of building stone structures without any binding material. The term “art of drystone walling” indicates the construction of stone structures without any binding material (dry). Drystone structures can either be highly visible, as in the case of the impressive clusters of terraced cultivations, or discreet and humble, as in the case of farming […]